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    Medical Weight Loss

    The desired result of every weight loss option we offer is a permanent shift in lifestyle factors that culminate in your optimal wellness -- long-term, not just the typical 5 years sustained by most dieters.

    Notice nothing in that said quick-fix, magic pill, or fill-in-the-blank-short-term-weight-loss-trickery.

    Dr. Alavi encourages weight loss through creating new, healthier lifestyle habits that you can sustain for a lifetime. That kind of behavior change takes a team of supporters, and the staff at Balanced Health & Wellness is ready to help!

    We recognize that everyone has lived a different journey and sees life differently, that's why we not only offer options, but each option has its own customization. Every plan is unique--just like you.

    Take a look at the below options and give us a call if you have questions, or if you've decided which path to optimal wellness you'd like to take.

    Down to the Basics Weight Loss

    This simple program helps you lose weight in a permanent and healthy way through life-style adjustments supported by our team of experts. Learn more about the Down to the Basics Weight Loss program.

    hCG Diet Program

    This diet protocol can be an effective jump start for the appropriate candidate--but it is not the complete answer. We emphasize life-style adjustments and other long-term healthy habits throughout the program. Learn more about the hCG Diet Program.

    Optimal Wellness Program

    This unique program provides personalized support from our expereinced team to help you achieve your health goals--body, mind, and spirit. Learn more about the Optimal Wellness Program.

    Zerona Body-Sculpting Laser

    As of December 10, 2011, we no longer provide the Zerona Body-Sculpting Laser treatments at Balanced Health & Wellness. We are still committed to helping people shape up and look their best. Please review the above alternatives to achieve lasting weight loss.


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