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    About Ramona Stehle

    Headshot of Ramona Stehle by Mariam Khalili Photography

    Ramona Stehle
    Fitness Educator


    “I'm grateful to have found a place that incorporates each person's whole being in their health and wellness plan. Our physical health is not separate from our mental and spiritual health. I love that we look at the whole person and their indivudal needs to help our patients achieve their wellness goals.” --Ramona

Latest Updates

    As a registered kinesiotherapist since 1993, Ramona brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. Ramona has a Masters degree in Exercise Science from the University of Houston and multiple certifications including, RKT, Group Exercise Instructor, and Metabolic Effect Instructor.

    Whether an absolute beginner with exercise, or a seasoned pro, Ramona helps her clients exercise smarter, not harder. She helps make the most of available time, space, and equipment to ensure each client learns the exercises that are approapriate for their own personal goals and for their indivdual health concerns. Her warm personality makes it easy to enjoy your training sessions—even as you learn a lot about your body and your health.

    When she's not helping patients reach their fitness health goals, Ramona enjoys tennis, scrapbooking, gardening, reading, playing with her pets, and spending time with her husband and two children.

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