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    About Nancy Garcia

    Photo of Nancy Garcia
    Nancy Garcia

    "I love working with our hCG patients! It's amazing how dedicated they are to achieving their goals, and it's so much fun to watch the weight just melt away! What's most exciting is that they are taking control of their health and building healthy habits that will create a lifetime of good health." --Nancy

Latest Updates

    Nancy is our center's medical assistant. She administers a majority of our hCG program, working hand-in-hand with Dr. Alavi to ensure the health and safety of all our patients as they rapidly lose weight.

    Nancy has been a medical assistant for 12 years and is highly skilled in both her job duties and in educating her patients. She takes all the time needed to help patients understand how to accomplish their goals. Nancy enjoys her role as a cheerleader as each patient comes in for his or her weekly checkup.

    When not busy at our office, Nancy enjoys spending time with her extended family and her four children.

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