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    Study: Organic food not more nutritional (CNN) --
    This article barely brushes against the whole reason Balanced Health and Wellness recommends folks eat as many organic foods as possible. It's not the nutritional value we're debating--it's the harm that the pesticides used in conventional farming cause when you eat non-organic food. Pesticides introduce toxins to your body and have far-reaching ill effects on your health. See our nutrition section for our guide to organic foods. (Read the original CNN article.)

    5 Surprisingly Healthy Foods (WebMD) -- The best line in this article is: " The real key to preventing disease and promoting health is a lifestyle of regular physical activity and healthy eating patterns that include a variety of nutritious foods." Two  caveats Balanced Health and Wellness ads is that to counteract the ill effects of the caffeine in one 8-oz cup, you'll need to drink 8  times as much pure, filtered water. Also, the chemicals added in the process of decaffeinating teas and coffees is more harmful than drinking the caffeine. Skip the decaf. (Read the original WebMD article.)

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